Every business has a story to tell… let’s get yours out there.

Does every business owner ask their mom/kid/bestie to join their email list?
No silly. Most of us just sign them up without asking.

But, do they count as REAL followers?
Yes… they will always buy your thing(s) because they love you dearly.

How do I get my actual clients and customers to buy my thing(s) and love me, too?
Be clear. Tell stories. Create connection.

Ever wonder how much a lack of clarity is costing your business? Without a clear message and a way to connect with “your people” they won’t hear you. It’s too loud out there.

And if they can’t hear you… you can’t help them. How frustrating is that?

Hi, I’m Amy Fedele

Marketing, Communications… and all things creative

I’m an expert at online marketing, a nerd when it comes to user experience, and my passion is to express my creativity in any way that I can.

A small town Pennsylvania digital communications specialist, web designer, blogger, painter and animal lover, my happiest days are spent helping others to make the impact they were born to make on this world. And… creating art with my gardens.

Want to get in touch?

Please e-mail me with any inquiries.