About Me

Amy Fedele headshot

I help brands effectively communicate their message and better serve their audience so they can make a powerful impact on the world. I am passionate about developing marketing strategy to create compelling customer experiences. Testing/tweaking messaging to increase ROI is what I love to do.

Over the past 15 years I have worked in communications, marketing, web development and design fields. My unique combination of design expertise, technical web knowledge and fierce love for marketing strategy has resulted in an eclectic hard-to-find skill set that makes me a great results-driven creative problem solver. I generate and execute unique solutions quickly, while staying on-budget and producing measurable results.

I am an inspired person who loves to inspire others. My own passion for learning fuels my gravitation towards mentoring, teaching and speaking opportunities, where I can share my experience others. Passionate and philanthropic at my core, I am enthusiastic to help others create a bigger impact in the world.