WordPress CMS

MFHS has full capability to log-in online where staff members can add blog posts, change images, and add & update pages.



Responsive Design

The website was designed for a large monitor. We also created mockups for each template (4 mockups per template to be exact) to show exactly what the site would also look like on a laptop, large tablet, small tablet, and smart phone.



Homepage Slideshow:

This homepage slideshow is easy to update and rotates through important marketing messages automatically. It’s also fully responsive; even animated on an iPhone screen.



Tabbed data

The MFHS programs are displayed on the homepage in a tabbed format in order to include a lot of information in a small amount of space. Programs can be easily added, removed, updated, and rearranged to suit their need to be flexible.





Do I Qualify?

This interactive feature will allow you to answer multiple questions to find out what MFHS services you qualify for. Displayed elegantly and simply, no users would be able to know how truly complicated the decision trees for determining eligibility really are.



Online poll feature

Multiple polls can be displayed and flagged for the homepage at any time. Numbers can be manually updated, or if donations are taken using Paypal, it will automatically update.



Custom Sidebars

MFHS has the capability to add a completely different sidebar on each page of the site. They can use this to feature different promotions, or even flag categories or tags from blog posts to display on that page. For example, a blog post on healthy eating can be flagged with the the category “Nutrition”, and then be pulled automatically onto the WIC Nutrition web page.



Custom Header Banners

Each page of the website can be updated with a custom large banner using the “Featured image” built-in functionality of the WordPress blogging engine.



Dynamic Dropdown Menu Navigation

All of the navigation on the site is fully dynamic. Meaning, if MFHS adds a new page to the website, it will automatically be placed into the navigation structure. This is one of the great features that a CMS will give you. Instead of having to update the entire header and re-upload the entire site to see changes, these happen on-the-fly without any additional steps.



Password Protected Providers Area

For provider-specific information, we’ve created a locked-down section that only they can see! It’s fully integrated and just as easily updated by the MFHS staff members as the rest of the website.



I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you just how many compliments we have been getting on the new website. Even a month out, we’re still hearing from partners and colleagues in all of our programs who are just so impressed. We keep hearing over and over again how warm and inviting the site is, how fast it loads, and how easy it is to use.

On top of that, we just completed a Federal review of our Title X Family Planning program. These are done every 3 years, so the last time they did a full review, the redesign wasn’t even complete. They were just blown away by both web sites, and were very excited to share them with their colleagues. They review Title X programs throughout the country and see a lot of websites and outreach materials, and they were very impressed by all our work on the web.

You’ve put in a lot of time and effort on both sites, and I just wanted you to know they are getting rave reviews from everyone who sees them! Thank you!


Online Marketing Specialist, Maternal and Family Health Services



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